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Practical launcher and administrator for Flash games to play offline
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FlashOffliner is a lightweight application developed by Dead’Soul, available to download at the MysterCrowley.com web site. This tool works as a resident application showing an icon at your system tray from which you control the whole program. In fact, there’s nothing more than that, which gives you an idea of the simplicity involved.
As its name suggests, FlashOffliner has something to do with Flash and being offline. FlashOffliner is a launcher and administrator for Flash games and allows you to play those games while you are not connected to the Internet. This is a novelty, considering that Flash is the typical platform to create online games.
The whole application works from your system tray and a pop up menu which appears when you right click on the icon. You’ll find a quick list of the packages/games installed so you can choose the option you want to launch the game and start playing. Besides, you can deploy a submenu from where you'll be able to customize some parameters of FlashOffliner. You will be able to perform the following tasks: delete games from your PC; obtain some information about the games installed; install a FlashOffliner Package; create a FlashOffliner package; select the window size to play the games; and select the “start with Windows” option, among others.
FlashOffliner includes a package creator. This simple tool allows you to create a package containing one or several Flash games. Creating a package you can carry all those games in a single file, easy to install in another PC running FlashOffliner.

Lionel Mira
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  • It allows playing Flash games offline
  • It supports several languages
  • It's a lightweight application
  • The installer includes some extra packages


  • It doesn't include links to download Flash games
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